Sunday, November 29, 2009


Advent [ad-vent]:
a coming into place, view, or being; arrival
Tonight we are starting our Advent Calendar and I am so excited. I know that Isaac is at an age where he can understand the meaning of Christmas and why we take time to celebrate it, so I made an envelope for each night with a coloring page from this website, that will help us talk about the truths of Christmas.
So here's my question...
What are you doing this holiday season
to keep Jesus at the center?
Here are some other cute ideas for Advent:
My Sister's Advent Countdown
Advent with Books
Advent Cones
Advent in a Box
Advent Candles
A-Door-Able Advent Calendar


Keri said...
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Keri said...

awwww I made your list :)
Isaac is gonna love opening those envelopes!

denise said...

how cute! I love it! I am going to print them off tomorrow.

What we do - last year I got an advent countdown wooden decoration thing from Target after Christmas. We will countdown with candy for that. I also purchased last year a wooden manger set so the boys and I can tell the story over and over and not break my nice one (as boys would do!). We also have picked a friend that is a marine in Iraq and are putting pictures and goodies in a box to send him. They are excited to send stuff to "the army guy" as they LOVE any many in uniform. Then we have adopted some kids in another family to purchase, wrap and give gifts to them. They have a single mom, and 8 kids from 3mo to 12. Also, our church just said today that they will donate the basket and ham, if we take the basket and shopping list to fill the rest of the basket. They will be given to families we reach out to. I LOVE the concept of being able to take the basket to the store with the kids and have them each help pick out the items. Dan and I already discussed we want to do this as a family and ONLY go for those items so we can talk about why we are doing it and how blessed we are and how we can help others.

Ever year growing up my family taught me how to serve others. I have been blessed to just have it in my bones. However, this year I wanted to really show my kids HOW to do this, and it has been weighing heavily on me how we need to focus on JESUS. I'm sure you see a huge difference in Isaac this year than last. Same for my boys. They were excited last year, but just didn't FULLY get it. This year they are soaking it ALL in and it's my job to not just let presents and santa be the only thing on their brains.

HOLY long post - SORRY!

Jaimie said...

I absolutely LOVE it!!! I was hoping to make one this year, but I'm not sure how I want to do it. I bought an advent calendar from Bronner's, but I want to tweak it and add to it! We will be doing that, What God Wants for Christmas (on Christmas Eve) and we will be teaching the kids to reach out to people in various ways to bring Christmas Cheer!!!

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