Tuesday, November 27, 2012

it's just home depot.... but we are still buying a real christmas tree

important questions at 3am

In the middle of the night Isaac called me into his room because he had to tell me some things. I think he wasn't fully awake, and I was cracking up as he began to ask these important questions at 3am:
  • Mom, why does Elijah always do things that make us laugh?
  • Mom, when can I play with the puzzles up in the top of my closet?
  • Mom, why is Jacob allowed to drink milk now?
  • Mom, how did Elijah get that scratch on his neck?
  • Mom, why can't I ever get the Lego Death Star?
  • Mom, when can I finish putting the train under the tree?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

i heart road trips.

We just returned from a wonderful family vacation to Florida. I was very concerned about the long hours in the car with 4 little ones, but we all survived, much to my surprise. We had a ton of fun, made great memories and enjoyed spending every waking hour together!

Just a few of the Highlights:
St. Augustine and The Pirate and Treasure Museum

Disney Animal Kingdom (the shows are PHENOMENAL!)

 Daytona International Speedway and Daytona Beach

 HUMONGOUS waves at Flagler Beach
 My favorite part of any vacation is just seeing my family smiling and enjoying each other.... you know, the small things. We did have some eventful times as well: Isaac lost his 5th tooth, Jacob turned 1 year old and daddy and mommy got a night out on the town!!!! Thank you Dad and Mom for hosting our crazy circus for the week! We love and appreciate you!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Passing on wisdom to the next generation of moms... Session 2

I'm not sure how many of these sessions I will do. I will live in unending guilt if I am solely responsible for a lack of procreation due to my candidness.... but the truth must be told. Let me also add that if I know all of these truths and have still birthed, cared-for and loved 4 amazing children, then it's safe to say that I feel it's not only worth it, but I love every single second! Enough of that....here we go with session 2:
  1. You will begin to prioritize your reactions to things. You will know which cries are serious and which ones are worth ignoring. You will hear a huge thud and freeze until you can evaluate the cry. You will also discover "cue words" that will make you sprint in sheer panic...words like "ewwwww," "uh-oh,"  "it's ok!" and "yuck!"
  2. When it comes to fashion, you will most likely trade "trendy" for "clean"... "stylish" for "laundered".... and "chic" for "odorless." Don't stress about it...One day soon you will be able to wear an outfit out of the house that doesn't have a questionable substance on the shoulder and a purse that you can stick your hand into without touching an unidentified liquid.
  3. Before kids, romance was ensued by fresh roses, expensive dinners-out and beautifully written cards. After kids, you will fall in love all over again just knowing that new Disney movie will keep your kids quiet and contained for at least enough time for you to wrap your arms around each other. (Warning: once you show any sort of physical displays of affection for each other in front of the kids, at least one of your children will feel the need to squeeze in the middle... and her name will most likely be Zoey.)
  4. There will be certain phrases from common folk that will begin to drive you crazy. Expressions like "can't you just get a babysitter?"... "why can't you just bring the kids?" ... "do you have a sec?" ... or my personal favorite, "good morning!"  Don't react, just smile, bite your tongue and find the nearest Starbucks drive-thru.
  5. You will find yourself saying the oddest phrases you've ever heard... things you thought you would never hear coming out of your mouth. "Stop fishing G.I. Joes out of the toilet with my ladel!"... "Why are you peeing on the front porch in 40 degree weather?" .... "Jesus will not be happy that you beat your brother with the fly-swatter."...It's true, your neighbors might think you are crazy, but truth be told, it's better if you just start owning your crazy now... trust me, it's inevitable.
  6. Every once in awhile you will have something trigger a distant memory of a former life: a clean car smell, a hot cup of coffee, or 5-minutes of silence. DO NOT let your mind wander back to life before kids! It's the black hole of reminiscing and will only end with you or your spouse in the fetal position.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

We love you Gabby!

Last night we had our "date night" with Zoey. One of my favorite things is for Chris and I to be able to spend personal time with each kid individually without anyone else around. It's so amazing what was on her mind, what she thought was important for us to know, and how she was able to sit on both of our laps at once. We went to the "Tour of Gymnastics"  and had so much fun! I did not get good pictures... simply because you CANNOT capture on camera the amazing movement that is happening before your eyes... they were OUTSTANDING!

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