Friday, January 28, 2011

the Problem with Projects.

I have the same problem every time I do a painting project with the kids:
What in the world do I do with all the "art" pieces?

Yesterday we did the fun gel paint project and the cardboard has been sitting in my kitchen for over a day, tormenting me. I decided to put it to good use and make something for Valentine's Day. We cut all the cardboard up into hearts... 25 in all. I told the kids that the hearts will be hidden tonight all over the house after they go to sleep and they have until Valentine's Day to find them all. They were so excited that they ran and got their paints to make them nicer for our game. That was a score for me because it kept them entertained for another hour!
... now to hide all these hearts!


April Maus said...

that is a great idea! said...

Such a cute (and easy!) Valentine's Day craft!

I especially love how you turned it into a game so you get *extra* use out of them.

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