Monday, June 29, 2009

We want a pitcher... not a belly itcher!

Tonight was finally family night. It's been such a fun, crazy weekend, that we all looking forward to hanging out together. I decided to use one of our "Dinner Games" cards tonight since we were having pasta. On our card it said to take some tarnished pennies and place some of your sauce on them... once wiped off they turn out shiny. Isaac was very excited!
After dinner we headed over to Aunt Keri's softball game to help Alina cheer her mom on... and then a quick stop for some Cherry Limeades. All in all it was a very peaceful, relaxing night and now Chris and I are ready to put the kids to bed and have coffee and a movie!


Jaimie said...

What a great night! That dinner game is so cute - is it from Barnes & Noble? I love Zoey's shirt too (and her cute little face)!!!

lori bunk said...

i actually got it a long time ago from i just haven't used it until recently. they have ones for toddlers and then some for older kids too. you could probably find them online though.

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