Saturday, September 29, 2012

11 is the new 10

11 years married.
I take a little pride in that.... a lot, actually.
This was the year we were going to do it up BIG.... a scenic cruise in Nova Scotia, a relaxing road-trip to New York, or a romantic weekend in Seattle. At least that's what I thought last year.... and the year before that. You know what I've learned? STOP PLANNING! I am a planner by nature, it's my favorite thing to do, so I think about our anniversary all year long. I love it. The problem is that our life hardly ever goes according to plan. Right as we started to think about our big plans for this year, an opportunity opened up for me to accompany the youth ministry on a mission trip. PLANS CHANGED.

Honestly, it was the best anniversary ever. We had a romantic weekend alone, I had fresh flowers in my kitchen for weeks and I'm obsessed with my new tablet! (He said he wanted to get me something to make my life easier.... most romantic thing I've ever heard!) This man never stops spoiling me!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to the only man I have ever loved. When you asked me to marry you, you could foresee the future, I never could. You made all your promises come true and exceeded all my expectations. You make every day exciting... and that's hard to do with 4 little spy eyes always around the corner. I've had so much fun traveling with you, exploring with you and embarking on new adventures with you.... but I still love sipping coffee and holding your hand on the couch the most.

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