Thursday, September 27, 2012

fall well-child visits.... zoey and jake.

Zoey Loren Bunk
4-years-old (going on 14)
 The doctor said that although you are "super small" you are growing to be a beautiful, young lady. You are obsessed with anything LaLaLoopsy and your favorite thing to buy is nail polish. You make sure all your babydolls are always warm and covered and if you could keep Jacob still, you would do the same for him. In the last few months you have gone back and forth about what you would like to be when you grow up...a  doctor or a school-teacher.... your daddy and I would be so proud of either one, and b/c you are such a people person, we can see you doing something very much along those lines. You love every color except army green and you never like to wear dresses (to the dismay of your mother with 3 boys). You are so much fun to watch in gymnastics and you love to keep up with your brothers out in the backyard.... soccer, hockey, star war battles, etc. We love you girl and are having a blast watching you blossom!

Jacob Christopher Bunk
10 months
Surprise, surprise, but you, my son, are a peanut as well. Sorry... it just comes with the territory.  You have just pushed through your 4th tooth and the 5th is not far behind. You love to be in the middle of everything and are not afraid to wrestle your brothers who are not afraid to go all out. You are standing on your own and transferring from one thing to another... I'm concerned that walking is not too far off. You will climb ANYTHING, and I've been told more than once to put you into training for the Cirque de Solei (you are a nightmare to diaper change!) Your laugh is hilarious and you just figured out how to vibrate your lips together. You always have a smile on your face, even when tears are rolling down your cheeks b/c of your allergies. You love to give open-mouthed kisses, cuddle cheek-to-cheek and climb all over daddy. Your are a mover and a shaker, and we are along for the ride!

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victoria said...

They are both such beautiful kids! :) Your journaling brought a tear to my eye, Lori; you have such a way with words.

Keep up the great work, mama!

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