Friday, September 21, 2012

Elijah entering the Terrific Twos!

Happy 2nd Birthday to our little man Elijah Christopher!
We already celebrated your birthday a few weeks ago b/c we knew daddy would be gone this weekend, so the kids all choose what they thought you would love to do tonight. The consensus: play outside, have races, happy meal picnic on the floor, chocolate cupcakes and The Pirate movie. They were right.. you are grinning ear to ear tucked under the comfies with your bros and sis!

We are so proud of you, buddy! You always have to be in the middle of the action.. whatever that action might be. You love to climb, jump, dive, run and scream. When we get pizza you eat more than your older bro and sis combined! You love to get messy and are not afraid of a challenge. Tonight you figured out how to maneuver the plastic playground so that you could climb it to get on the trampoline yourself. You LOVE anything that plugs in and are fascinated when daddy is working with wires. Your favorite past time is helping daddy and if you can get your hands on the leaf blower, it will entertain you for hours. You will wrestle anyone... which can sometimes get you in trouble when friends are over... but you are the first one to make sure that mommy is safe from harm. We love you Lijee and can't believe you are 2 already!

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