Monday, April 9, 2012

wishing i could make the sun stand still.

I thought time moved fast with my other kids... with the 4th you can barely keep up!
I can't believe Jake is already rolling over, reaching and grabbing things, and putting his binky in his mouth (usually upside down... that's how he rolls). I wish I could say that I am taking in every moment, but the truth is sometimes I don't even know he has hit another milestone until one of the kids starting yelling and cheering about it. For the most part I don't mind the chaos, I just wish somedays I could freeze time to just hold each kid and kiss their cheek endlessly. It seems like yesterday I was cheering as Isaac started to crawl and now he is asking to call his friends from school on my cellphone. I am definitely excited about the phases to come... I just wish I could bottle this one up and open it up anytime I want.


Nina Bunk said...

I never felt like i wanted the baby stage to be never ending until today! i texted matt that i think i want 1 more! this baby has definitely broke me!!!
i don't want anyone else holding her when we are out, and i almost cried when i put a 6 month sleeper on her today!

Jaimie said...

wish we could keep them little:) Don't cry, Nina...just stay in denial like me - then you can spend money on 3 month clothes that you know are not really going to fit!

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