Thursday, April 12, 2012


We were on our way to another thing and I asked Chris if he could stop so I could get a coffee. As I walked to the truck on my way out, I saw Chris in the car smiling obnoxiously at me.
Me: What's going on?
Chris: You need to smile!
I realized that I had a scowl on my face the entire time I was getting my coffee. Why? Because I was completely stressed out about 101 things. To be honest, I didn't know if I smiled at all that day. I met Chris for lunch today and we talked about the incident. You see, I don't mean to look upset, in fact, most of the time I'm not, it's just that smiling isn't my natural response to my day. In realizing that my life is going to this crazy for awhile, I need to figure out a way to enjoy the ride... even if our life is going 100mph!

So here's to smiling and enjoying life... even when you have to tell yourself to.

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