Thursday, April 12, 2012

try it.

Just something for fun.
Quick -n- Easy.
Fill out here, or on your blog.
See what comes to mind.

I am... in the middle of 2 incredible books, "Humility" by Andrew Murray and "The Attributes of God" by A.W. Tozer
I wish... my package from would arrive today. I have some exciting things to start with my kids!
I wonder... how long it will take for Chris and I to make it back to Alaska.
I think... my husband is a saint for putting up with me all these years....and by "putting up with" I mean loving me unconditionally and being my biggest fan.
I always... need to know what time it is: although with my kids, most of the time I can tell by their mood or mine.
I never... wear coats. i dislike them immensely.. and if for some reason I do have to wear one, I take it off as soon as I get in the car.
I hope... my neighbors don't think I'm crazy when they see me carrying in 10 gallons of milk from my grocery shopping trip.
I love... kissing my children's feet. They think it's weird.
I save... keycards and pens from every hotel I have ever been to.
I can't imagine... what I ever did without wet wipes. They are the best invention ever.
I believe... my efforts in raising my kids to love Jesus is the most important thing.


Tina said...

I believe that too.
I'm crazy about the little feet too! Carter's are too grown up now :(

Jaimie said...

I know you said you use a lot of milk but do you really buy 10 gallons???!!!

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