Wednesday, April 4, 2012

50 Dangerous Things

#1: Lick A 9V Battery
#17: Burn Things With A Magnifying Glass
#28: Climb A Tree
#34: Deconstruct An Appliance
#39: Cook Something In The Dishwasher
#47: Superglue Their Fingers Together 

The premise of the book is to get kids to do things most of their parents did as kids that made the most memories. Some of them marginally dangerous, some of them just clean fun
Here's the book.
Here's the interview.

What do you think?
What's something you did as a kid that would seem dangerous now-a-days?


Jaimie said...

haha...i was just telling your mom about this incident the other day...doing what your brothers tell you to do is no matter what, don't ever sit backwards on a sled and go down a tall metal slide that is covered in will go very fast, fly through the air and get the wind knocked out of you when you hit the ground. IT. HURTS. and said brothers just may freak out and take off on their bikes!!!

Oh, and blow drying your hair while taking a bubble bath for the sake of multi-tasking is never a good idea! ...just kidding...I have actually never tried that!

Jaimie said...

...and I rode my bike without a the times have changed;)

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