Tuesday, April 17, 2012

wind advisory

The tree in our backyard split last night during the wind and took down the power lines.
There were over 5 explosions.
The Fire Department came. Detroit Edison came.
The neighbors rushed over to make sure we were alright.
We took out everyone's power within a mile radius of our house.
It's funny how the craziest times become the most fun adventures if you let them!

I was just thinking yesterday how we were going to get wood for our backyard fires this summer... ask and you shall receive!

1 comment:

Crystal Kohl said...

WOW! Nicely done. Our house was one of those taken out due to your tree mishap. I'm surprised the wind was able to knock down such a huge portion of it! But yay for the bonfire wood. Since I was inconvenienced, do I get an automatic invite to all those bonfires this summer????? LOL

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