Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our day at the Dr's

Today was Isaac's follow-up appointment with the ear doctor to determine whether or not he needs the tube surgery. Unfortunately, although his ear drums look good, the fluid in both ears will not drain. We will be scheduling with Children's Hospital this week or next.

Last night Aaron Crider challenged us stop focusing on what the enemy was doing in our life, and start thanking God for things he continues to do. So here it goes: Isaac may have to have tubes put in his ears, but I am so thankful that we caught this problem before it caused him more hardships in the future. I am thankful that I finally found a doctor that I trust and is concerned about helping me understand. I am thankful that I even have the means to help Isaac with his ears, even though it will be difficult for me. Finally, I am thankful that I have a God who cares about the little things in life that seem so big to us and He sees us all the way thru them.


Patti Carollo said...

Hi Lori,

My name is Patti Carollo i don't think that we were ever formally introduced? I read your blogs because i read Nina's ! (i hope that's o.k. with you ?) I love that you love your family~and thats the reason i decided to respond today oldest daughter Stephanie 23 1/2 now had many many ear infections starting from a young age lots of antibiotics too. Eventually she became allegric to them and had some hearing loss in one ear so when she was 4 years old our ENT decided to put tubes in her ears! She never had another EAR INFECTION! and the her hearing loss improved too!
It's not fun to see your child go through that but in the end God is in charge and he has the best interest of your child in his hands too! Call me if you want. love you, patti c

jamiecbass said...

Lori, it's good to hear from you. I only read this blog and it is ironic how I am going through the same thing with McKinley and his eyes and I have come to similar peace with the situation. It is still hard and sad to know that my little boy needs eye surgery and it'll be hard to go through but I know Jesus is looking out for us and has our best interest in mind. We'll be praying for you. Mac's surgery is July 15, When is Isaac's?

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