Saturday, June 14, 2008

Good Friends and Good Food

So... it's a horrible picture, but it was a wonderful night. There isn't much I love more than good food and good friends (and time away from my toddler to enjoy what they say). Kate Adamson, you are such a blessing in my life! Who else can understand my frustration, my confusion and my heart more than the people who saw me during my transition time at school? You are so wise and insightful, yet you haven't changed a bit! I enjoy your company and am so grateful that you took time to come to Detroit... we should have went to Church's Chicken on 7 Mile and Gratiot instead of Andiamos- now that would have brought back memories! I love you girl!

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kathryn said...

Lori!! i LOVED our time together. ahh...7th and gratiot. those were the days :-) it was sooo good to see you and to catch up. i am praying for you and for this time in your life. BTW, i have a better picture i am sending you now to post!! love you much!

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