Monday, June 23, 2008

Justin and Kyle's Wedding

The Bridal Party... yes that me, the pregnant one next to the groom

Isaac confused on why everyone keeps asking him to kiss
Uncle Justin and Aunt Kyle

One of my best friends in the whole world... I hate skinny people!

Isaac taking a break from tearing up the dance floor

The Bunk Family... last one's to leave everything.

here are more pics from Matt and Nina-
all in all, it was a great night!


Anonymous said...

Awwww it looks like it was a beautiful day :) You looked lovely Lori! You have the most adorable little family on the planet and I can't wait to see you with a little girl! Love you!

We Love to Run! said...

oh lori i didn't even know you were pregnant again! congratulations! you are ....i'm sure... the perfect mom.... when are you due?

thank you for post.... i'm so excited for my future with wil have to meet him soon if you haven't already! xo


Life with Linda said...

You look gorgeous!!!!

Matt Bunk said...

That looks like such a beautiful wedding. I wish I was there. Oh wait, I totally was. And I took pictures too. Attention everyone who reads Lori's blog...I have cool pictures of the wedding and not just of like people and dresses, but cool stuff like airplanes and cars. Click HERE to go to my site. Ha. Ha. Ha. I'm a blog pirate. Stealing your precious readers. ;)

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