Monday, May 19, 2008

It's going to be a LOOOOOONG summer

I have found 3 reasons why it is good to be preggo in the summer. Granted, summer hasn't even started, but I am trying to keep a positive attitude.

1. There is A TON of fresh fruit in the summer. I don't get a lot of cravings when I am pregnant, but fresh fruit is a must... but with Isaac it was really expensive and not very good. I just ate the best watermelon today!

2. I can sit outside on a lawn chair soaking up the sun, while my toddler gets all of his energy out on the squirrels instead of me. I go to the dollar store every other week and stock up on chalk, bubbles and squirt guns and my son does the rest.

3. Ok, so I could only come up with 2 reasons, but I think the fact that I am trying to see the good in this means that it's going to be a good summer!

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Life with Linda said...

I loved being prego in the summer (Joel) It was my favorite pregnancy...don't miss the opportunity to float in your in laws pool! But watch out for bees....I got stung on my tummy...which the nurses thought was hilarious!

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