Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Tea... or Coffee

On Saturday morning we had our annual "Mother's Day Tea"(although we drink cups and cups of coffee instead!) Believe it or not, we did not coordinate our outfits... so funny! I can't tell you how wonderful it was to sit with the ladies in my family without all the boys jumping off the table! I am surrounded by incredible ladies and was thrilled to have time to hear all that God is doing in each of our lives as well as laugh about old memories (my cousin Sarah doing a mother's day dance in years past). I always enjoy the Saturday before mother's day... the day out with the girls!
(Picture from left to right- My sister Jeni, My mother Patti, ME, my grandmother Neva, my Aunt Linda, my sister Keri, my cousin April and my other cousin Sarah)
You can hear more about it at my Aunt Linda's Blog!

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Matt Bunk said...

Oh, that was so nice of Chris to take care of Isaac. That's amazing. You didn't see him the whole time? hmmm. You have one great husband.

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