Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Bunks Summer REACH 2013... Session 1

Each summer we make a list of things we want to do  to REACH out to the people around us. Here are some of our 1st adventures for our summer of 2013:

Donate Coloring Books & Crayons to the Local Children's Hospital
Last year we brought fun band-aids, and it made such an impression on the staff there, that we decided to do something again. This time we chose to bring coloring books and crayons for the children's surgery waiting room. We also got to visit with the therapy dogs while we were there.

 Leave a Special Package for the Mail-Carrier
We left a special treat and thank you note for our Mailman Dave. He even left us a note to thank us for thinking of him.

Bring a Candy Basket to the School Office Ladies
who have to work during the Summer Months.
This one was so much fun because the school was pretty much empty. The ladies LOVED being thought of after school was over and couldn't wait to dig into the special treats we brought them.

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Unknown said...

I just LOVE these ideas! I think it's a fantastic way to give to the community and help your kids to be aware that they are not the only ones in the world. :) I see so many children who are consumed with their "problems" that they don't see the needs of others. This is a great way to counter that (or avoid it altogether!). Start 'em young, right?!

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