Wednesday, June 12, 2013

ramblings: i couldn't impress you if i tried.

My life doesn't look the way I want it to.
I love my life.
I wouldn't trade what I have for the riches of the world.
I still wish my white kitchen cabinets didn't always have dirty baby hand-prints on them all the time.

I've come to grips that being grateful and humbled by the blessings of God in your life, doesn't mean that you won't be embarrassed when one of your life-group kids comes over and opens your bedroom door.... right after you threatened your kids not to let ANYONE in there. Life isn't perfect.... especially with 4 crazies running around it all the time.

I was with a group of some of my favorite people this week talking about BEING REAL. I even had someone thank me for allowing people to see the real me. I smiled, but inside I was screaming "I don't allow it! It's forced upon me against my will!" I would hide the realness every day of the week if I had the ability... and my attempts to shove everything in the office and lock the door to keep out visitors is proof that I don't want my realness to show.

The fact is, I don't choose to be real, I don't have a choice. If you stop by my house, realness is going to flood you like a waterfall, whether you ask for it or not. I can't hide it. This realness doesn't fit into the laundry room or the hall closet... no matter how many times I try to stuff it in there.

BUT... there is a freedom in realness.
A freedom knowing it's all out there.
The good, the bad... and the urine-stenched kids bathroom that never smells clean.

So here's to realness.
To being authentic and genuine.
Whether you've chosen it or not.

“Our cornerstone is Christ alone
And strong in Him we stand
So let us live transparently
And walk, heart to heart and hand in hand.”
 1976 hymn, “We Are God’s People,” by Bryan Jeffrey Leach

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