Tuesday, June 4, 2013

no son, you will not tumble to your demise during this diaper change.

This is our #3.
He is 2.5 yrs old and in the last month has started to really form opinions, thoughts and ideas. It's fun to watch him be imaginative, inquisitive and curious, discovering new things in life and being excited for each one.

I've noticed over the past few weeks he has had some hesitations. For example, I have a counter that is attached to our living room and kitchen where I have a diaper changing station. This saves me a lot of time not having to run up and down the stairs each time. Elijah has now become nervous to be up there while I am changing his diaper. He gets a little panicked and continually reminds me in an anxious voice that he is "going to fall!"

This morning as I was calling him over to change him, I saw him start to be nervous. I went over to him and explained that I loved him very much and I would never let him fall. I also told him that he can trust me to know that I would never let him get hurt up there. He nodded, smiled and seemed to understand.

I picked him up and put him on the counter to change him. He was a little cautious, but as I kept saying "I won't let you fall," he kept repeatedly saying to me in a shaky little voice, "I trust you, mom. I trust you, mom." It was the most precious thing I have encountered in a long time.

 As I came in the office to blog journal this moment, it hit me.... this was a living illustration from God to me. I can trust Him. He will never let me fall. It doesn't mean each time He "puts me on the counter" I won't feel nervous, but I can trust in the fact that He loves me enough to keep me from tumbling over the edge. It was a perfect reminder for a week that has had me ON EDGE.

Well played, God... well played.

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