Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer REACH 5...13...Bonus

A couple weeks ago we made a list of things we wanted to do this summer to REACH out to the people around us. Here is our 2nd round of adventures:

Number 5:  Bring fun band-aids to donate to a children's hospital.
 This REACH mission was a little harder. As we were waiting at the reception desk, we saw dozens of ill children come in and out. We had a great talk about sickness and hospitals since they had just visited their brother in one. The kids were the most excited about the band-aids because they were so much fun to pick out. The receptionist was thrilled at our donation and even took us up to the labratory to donate them to the nurses there. They explained how much the kids that have blood drawn frequently look forward to having fun band-aids instead of boring ones. It's amazing how the little things can just make someone's day!

Number 13: Bring candy basket to police station.
I wanted my kids to appreciate police men/women and to realize that their jobs are to protects us as citizens... not just give out tickets when we break the law. (I realized this needed to happen when I heard the kids say "make sure you put on your seat-belt so the police don't take us off to jail!") We arrived with our candy basket to the police station and the officer we interacted with couldn't have been more blessed! It was so nice to have my kids see how appreciative the policeman was and how much he was interested in the kids.

BONUS: Operation Fill-A-Backpack.
Our church is sponsoring many outreaches this summer through 1Macomb (an extension of EACH in our district). One of the outreaches is to fill backpacks with school supplies for needy kids in Detroit. My kids were so excited to make these purchases and kept wondering which kids would use them to go back to school. This was a very simple, but profound REACH mission because they had a lot of questions on why these kids didn't have money to buy stuff for school. I was able to give them a hearty lesson on having a grateful heart for the things our family enjoys on a regular basis.


Keri said...

this is so inspiring - i really LOVE this!

victoria said...

What great things you're doing with your kids FOR others! I really like the candy basket for the police officers... they probably don't get nice things like that often enough.

Vittoria Gurski said...

Your sooo inspiring! I complain that I have no time. But yet, someone with 4 kids can find time to do good things... Makes me take a step back.

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