Saturday, July 28, 2012

Family Fun Day: Maker Faire Detroit

I am SO bummed.
We had a whole day of incredible memories captured on our camera today...and I somehow managed to delete them all before they were uploaded. I am holding back tears.

The kids got to meet life-size Star Wars characters (Storm Troopers, R2D2, Darth Vader, Chewbacca, etc)... all deleted.

The kids got to play with robots, make projects, even play in a pretend mechanics garage putting a car back together and changing the tires... all deleted.

They got to play with thousands of legos... including ones that made rubber band shooters, cars and helicopters... all deleted.

We got to watch a life size mouse trap game smash a real car at the end and got to interact with a life-size movable pacman... all deleted.

It's too painful to even go on.
All I can say is that even though they aren't recorded, we still have the memories and it was an amazing day. If you have the chance to hit up the Maker Faire at anytime in your it... you will love it (and so will your kids!)

Here are the few pics I got at the very end of the day:


Nina Bunk said...

seriously i want that last pic of zoey and isaac with the glasses i love it!!

Maddy: Haha Nerds
Champ: Where is them, I want glasses like that

Nina Bunk said...

champ: how did isaac see r2d2 i wanna see him
maddy: aww that is so cool

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