Thursday, July 19, 2012

{brain dump} session VI

I need to find another word for exhausted... debilitated. enervated. weary.
I wish I had a lifetime supply of NeuroSun in my pantry.
Made smoothies for dinner.... cleaned up smoothies from floor for after-dinner fun.
My ears are plugged. My mouth is dry. My throat is scratchy. My head is pounding.
My brain is empty.
 I am craving hot tea more than coffee today... the world may be ending.
My youngest son just said mama for the 1st time yesterday.
That might be the last time I say those words.
Went thru old pics today for a wall treatment... Chris and I have been together forEVER.
Frustrated that I can't find any of my pics from DC.
Currently listening to Rend Collective Experiment...can't wait to see them in October.
Does God ever roll His eyes?
Does He snicker?
Will we ever really grasp the amount of patience He continuously bestows?
Speaking of patience... tonight's movie night is ready to start.

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