Tuesday, June 26, 2012

thanking God for the seemingly unimportant.

Just a little testimony:
{It's sad to think that sometimes God's answer to our prayer has become commonplace to us.}
We had received a letter home from Isaac's school this spring that he had not passed his hearing test in his right ear. He had tubes put in a few years back to combat some issues he had and it worked like a charm. Chris and I prayed that God would heal his ears so that we wouldn't have to go through that process again, or something greater. I had mentioned it to our primary care doctor today during Isaac's well-child visit. She peeked in the ear and saw that he still had remnants of his tube (it should have fallen out after the 1st year). They did a saline ear treatment to flush out the tube {which we now have in a vial in our kitchen... boys are gross} and then did another ear test. He passed with flying colors. I know it seems small, but I really took time today to thank the Lord for answering our prayer... for constantly having his hand on our family. I guess I could explain it away and say that there never really was an issue, that the tube just needed to be removed... but I know my God who guides every step in order to fulfill His greater purpose. I trust in that.


Nina Bunk said...

wow that is crazy!!
now i know he can in fact hear me when i tell him to come gove me a hug and kiss!! good to know!

lori bunk said...

i didn't even think of that. tell maddy that's why she has to call his name a thousand times. so funny!

Kyle Galuszka said...

Should we have Chris checked for leftover tubes in his ears too? Hehe

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