Saturday, June 16, 2012


Jacob Christopher @ 6.5 months
16lbs and 26in
you love to eat your greens. you push Zoey's baby stroller all around the house from inside your walker. your favorite thing to chew on is apple slices. you love to play with hands. you roll all over the ground. you love when the kids come and jump in your crib in the morning. you love kisses. you light up when you see your daddy (but who doesn't?). you have hair on the back of your head that sticks straight up in the air... at all times. you take your walker over to the window and stare out silently for minutes on end. your are the happiest when you get to watch your brothers and sister wrestle. you love to dance. you and Elijah have a love/hate relationship... you love when he hugs you and hate when he tackles you. You love to grab everything.

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