Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer REACH 4...8...10...14...18

A couple weeks ago we made a list of things we wanted to do this summer to REACH out to the people around us. Here are some of our 1st adventures:

Number 4: Make brownies for the neighbors.
We honestly have the greatest neighbors ever. We moved in mid-October, and since then we have had meals, desserts and even toys brought over to our house on a daily basis. We wanted to love on our neighbors and show them how appreciative we are to have them in our lives. We snuck over to their porch and dropped off some extra-chocolatey brownies for them to enjoy!

Number 8: Donate diapers to Pregnancy Aid
Compassion Pregnancy Center help women facing a crisis pregnancy, or those who are struggling with an unwanted pregnancy. We brought over some packages of diapers for them to use for new moms who are struggling financially. I had a very heavy heart after this Summer REACH activity because it was so hard to explain "unwanted pregnancy" to my 6-yr-old. I loved that he had a hard time grasping the concept of someone not wanting a child God created.

Number 10: Pray at the flagpole of Isaac's new school
Isaac is transferring to a new school for 1st grade. We wanted to make sure to take some time to look around and pray that God would use him as a light to everyone he meets. My heart was so full after hearing my little man pray for this upcoming school year.

Number 14: Watch kids for a much needed parents night out
We were so excited to have Kate and Joesph come over to go swimming so their hard-working parents could sneak out to a quiet dinner alone. We loved playing in the sandbox, the pool and with all the toys in the kids' rooms. We even enjoyed some amazing Gelato from Mike and Kristen when they returned!

 Number 18: Send a "Love Note" to someone
who is going through a difficult time.
There is an incredible man in our congregation that has had a lot of wonderful influence on our church and on our family. Mr. Bob received a quadruple-bypass this past month and is at home recovering. The kids loved being able to decorate cards to send him in the mail to let him know we are praying for him!
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