Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The day I have been dreading for awhile now....

Well, it happened.
Our beloved fish passed on from this life.
Good 'Ol Sharkbait (at least I think that was his name this week)
It was a sad day in the Bunk household.
Some handled it better than others.
Others are still having a hard time talking about it.

In the words of the Patriarch of our family:
"He was a good fish. He always looked at me when I would come in the bathroom in the morning. He will be missed."

I'm not sure we will get another pet.
We might not be able to handle another loss like that.
To be determined once the grieving process is complete.


Nina Bunk said...

hahaha!!! i know what to get zozon for her birthday now!

lori bunk said...

chris said his heart can't take this again.

Nina Bunk said...

omg i am dying!! now i am definitely getting her one, only i am going to take her out to pick out which one she wants! i can't wait!

lori bunk said...

words of wisdom: chris is never outdone.

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