Friday, March 9, 2012

Won't be a Kindergartener for much longer....

Last night was Isaac's spring school conference and it was student-led. It was so much fun going to his classroom with him and seeing how he interacted with all his teachers. I loved hearing his gym teacher and his music teacher give him a hard time. He LOVES school and I can see a love for learning in him that he gets from his dad. We are so proud of you, buddy!

Thanks dad and mom for taking the rest of the kids so we could focus on Isaac and even surprise him with a dinner out at his favorite restaurant. We couldn't have done it without you!
Isaac's Past/Present/Future project. He was so excited to cut things out of daddy's magazine without him knowing.
Isaac at his locker.

Isaac had to paint a picture of his favorite thing to do. This is us at church. Uncle Matt is playing the guitar and leading worship, his dad is doing audio behind the sound board and we are all sitting and worshiping God. I loved that this was hanging over his locker.
This kid LOVES math!!!
Showing us how centers work.

Isaac and his teacher Mrs. Perkins-Rose. This lady is amazing and I'm realizing that I am becoming attached. You can definitely tell she has the gift of a teacher. Can she just teach him all the way through high school? She even let him borrow the book they read in class while he was sick at home because he was so bummed he missed it.

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Jaimie said...

Awwww...remember the first day of kindergarten???!!!! for that matter, remember the preschool days??!!! I LOVE his picture:)

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