Tuesday, March 27, 2012

blast from the past.

The kids play with all of our old phones once we are done with them.
Here are some pictures downloaded from one.
Cracks me up!

Isaac hanging out in some of his favorite pjs. Those would fit Elijah now.

Madeline and Isaac taking an afternoon nap.

Zoey hanging outside for Labor Day (one week after she was born)

Chris and I out on a date.... I think I had that smile all night long.

This is Zoey during the Henry Ford West Bloomfield Ad Shoot. You can see the ad here.

Isaac getting his favorite ice cream at Cold Cow
Isaac and Madeline in the nursery. Hahahaha
They really do love each other.
I really took a ton of these 2... that was back when I could actually remember my camera.

Isaac and Madeline soaking up the sun in Florida

1 comment:

Nina Bunk said...

OMG i loved those!!!
Those were the good old days, when we had conversations without someone screaming, when we were separating those 2 from fighting, and we didn't have a care in the world!

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