Sunday, March 25, 2012


I've come to realize that having 4 kids is a lot of work. Who knew?
Last night our 1 year old got very sick and Chris was up with him all night long.
I ended up taking the older 2 kids and Jacob to church this morning while Chris stayed home with Elijah. This combination of kids was so much easier than any other Sunday, and it got me thinking....

Some combinations of my kids make life easier... and some make them much harder.
Let me give you some examples....

Isaac (6yr) + Zoey (3yr) = no need for a diaper bag
Isaac (6yr) + Elijah (1yr) = successful errand that takes under 15 minutes
Zoey (3yr) + Jacob (4mo) = built in babysitter
Elijah (1yr) + Jacob (4mo) = do only errands that have a drive-thru
Isaac (6yr) + Jacob (4mo) =  successful grocery shopping trip or even to the library
Isaac (6yr) + Zoey (3yr) + Jacob (4mo) = a fun trip to the park
Zoey (3yr) + Elijah (1yr) + Jacob (4mo) = a need for a 4th cup of coffee
Isaac (6yr) + Zoey (3yr) + Elijah (1yr) + Jacob (4mo) = everyday life... with my 5th cup of coffee


Nina Bunk said...

the common denominator seems to be
elijah = tough

lori bunk said...

it's the 1yr olds!!! they have WAY too much energy!

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