Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Elijah and Jacob

 Jacob Christopher Bunk
4 months old
13 lbs.
24.5 inches
You love watching your brothers and sister and will strain your neck to see them.
You are ALWAYS smiling and you have the cutest dimples I've ever seen.
You think it's so funny when someone kisses you on the cheek... and that happens frequently.
You are perfectly content as long as you can see everything that is going on in a room.
You are our PEOPLE WATCHER and our LITTLE FLIRT and you always bring us smiles and joy.

Elijah Christopher Bunk
18 months
27 lbs.
32.5 inches
You are starting to have conversations... we aren't sure what you are saying, but you are passionate about it.
You do EVERY SINGLE THING your older brother and sister do.
You love to push buttons.... and play with cars... and cuddle with soft, wooly blankets.
Everything you pick up turns into a gun or sword.
You love taking naps... and I love that you love to take naps.
You can lay down and make yourself comfortable anywhere you are.
You want to pretend to drive our truck every single day.
You are our ADVENTURER and DARE-DEVIL and you keep us constantly entertained.

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