Sunday, September 13, 2009

our STAY-cation

Chris and I will be celebrating our 8th anniversary at the end of this month, but because our schedules are so jammed packed, this weekend was the only one we could find to spend some quality time together. We decided it would be best if we stayed around town, so we dropped the kids off at my parents (kiss, kiss, hug, hug!) and spent the weekend out on the town. Chris isn't as fond of the camera as I am, so I only got to snap a few pics before he snapped at me. All in all it was an amazing weekend with my favorite person in the world!!! This year has definitely been the best one so far!
Here are some of my favorite pictures of our weekend together...

Chris and books.... I think I'm in love all over again!

Chris taking in Rembrandt Peale's "The Court of Death" (1820) at the DIA.
This is such an incredible piece of art!

This was Chris throughout the whole "contemporary" section.

Chris and I each picked out a piece of art that we would like to have in our house.
Chris chose "New England Landscape" by George Morrison in 1965.

This is the one I chose for Chris...
I think it would look incredible as a chandelier in our room!

This is what I chose for myself... "At the Foot of the Cross" by Robert Scott Duncanson in 1846.
I wasn't planning on choosing one that was so somber, but I couldn't get over it!
Until next year...


Matt Bunk said...

That picture of Chris sitting on the bench should be printed out the size of your wall and hung for the world to see. It perfectly sums up the quietly contemplative nature of my genius brother.

VICTORIA said...

this is too cute! As i was looking at these pictures-i saw Zoey & Isaac in all of them, you make a beautiful couple and super cute kids!

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