Wednesday, September 9, 2009

change of plans

We had something fun planned today.
It flopped.
We ended up downtown.

The Perfecting Church Choir giving Jesus praise in the RenCen!!!


Tommy said...

That choir was great!!!

lori bunk said...

honestly... they were INCREDIBLE! isaac had to beg me to leave because i just wanted to listen to them all day. and they weren't backward at all about speaking the name of Jesus... they were worshiping God and while everyone was having their lunch break. it was so great!

Keri said...

It flopped What happened????

lori bunk said...

don't even get me started!!!! they were closed because they were changing exhibits! i don't know how many times i can promise to bring isaac there and not get in!!!! he was so sad... again! i even looked on their website and it didn't say anything about them being closed... i was so upset!

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