Saturday, October 29, 2011

Updates. Updates.

There are so many things going on right now, I'm not even quite sure what day it is... but I wanted to give a couple of updates to record some of our most outstanding achievements this past week or so.
  • Isaac lost his first tooth and his second one shouldn't be that far behind. I'm not a huge fan of wiggly teeth, so I am ecstatic it is now safely in our cabinet.
  • Elijah slept in a toddler bed a few times and did pretty well. I'm not sure it is a permanent thing yet, he just turned a year old a few weeks ago, but we are going to make as much progress with it as possible.
  • Zoey LOVES 3-yr-old Preschool and is learning things pretty quickly... we are doing great with the alphabet, numbers, shapes and colors.
  • I am now in my 9th month of pregnancy and am quickly remembering what the end feels like. We are almost done setting up the nursery and pulling out all the newborn stuff... didn't I just do this last year?
  • We are LOVING our neighborhood and have been given more baked goods then we can eat. Seriously, I have never met nicer people in my life... one of neighbor girls already helped Chris with Elijah at Isaac's hockey game! (Their family ran into him at the rink) 
  • We are currently in discussions for this 3rd boy's name.... Zoey is pretty stuck on "Jesus Christopher Bunk" and doesn't understand why we wouldn't want to use our favorite name. I told her it would get a little confusing when we call on Jesus for strength and then ask him to stop throwing Cheerios. She is even more confused. 
Well, those are our updates for now... back to unpacking boxes!


April Maus said...

I laughed out loud when I read the part about you explaining to Zoey why naming baby #4 jesus wouldn't be the best idea...ahh I miss you guys!

Nina Bunk said...

I was told you have a name for baby boy and it is top secret and isaac can never ever tell what it is.

Shawna said...

I dont understand why you wouldn't name your boy Jesus. I'm with Zoey on this one. ;) lol! So funny! :) Just say his name in Spanish..then it won't sound so confusing when you tell him to stop throwing cheerios. lol. You had better get a boy named picked out November TWENTY SECOND (I'm praying you go into labor that day! :) ) is coming soon!

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