Wednesday, October 12, 2011

our home

Today we are 1 week away from getting the keys to our house and I can't control my excitement. This has been a long time coming! I got reprimanded for not posting any pictures, so I posted the one from our realtor's website. We do have a ton of work to do on the house, but are waiting until after baby #4 is born and the holidays are through to get started on our 10-year dream-house plan.
Here are some of my favorite details (This is for Jennie Brady):
4 bedrooms upstairs
Den on the main floor
2.5 bathrooms
Huge yard (with built-in pool)
Natural fireplace in the family room
Large 1st floor laundry room (with room for kid cubbies!)
Hardwood floors throughout
...and more and more and more.

Let me just say that God is SO faithful! Chris and I had 3 things that were very important to us, almost non-negotiable, and this house has all 3!


Tina said...

How exciting! I think the laundry room with room for kid cubbies is my favorite feature. Tied with pool. Congrats!

The Bradys said...

thank you for the details!!!! it looks beautiful. congratulations to you and your fam on finding a great place to plant your roots!

denise said...

how amazing! That is awesome. That pool sounds awesome, I'm jealous :) The large laundry room sounds great too :) Can't wait to see all your pictures! Where is it located?

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