Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Success BEFORE having children:
Spring cleaning my house from top to bottom and organizing all my closets
Success AFTER having children:
Rinsing off the bowls of cereal before they dry and I need the assistance of a butter knife

Success BEFORE having children:
Finding bags of bargains and deals at the mall and spending less than I thought for more than I need.
Success AFTER having children:
Being in the mall for 2 hours with no screaming, fits of rage, bathroom accidents or broken merchandise.

Success BEFORE having children:
Having all the laundry done for the week and seeing an empty hamper
Success AFTER having children:
Clean undergarments.

Success BEFORE having children:
A clean and vacuumed car fresh out of the car wash ready for a road-trip,
Success AFTER having children:
No unknown rank smells.

Success BEFORE having children:
Hair done, jewelry on, garment pressed and purse organized for an evening out.
Success AFTER having children:
An evening out... preferably with a shirt that doesn't have throw-up on the shoulder.


Jeni said...

hahahah LOVE THIS

Jaimie said... could NOT have been said better. I completely agree and relate to every single statement - It was like reading my own thoughts!!! Most of those things I have already thought about in the last 3 days alone, haha!

Tina said...

you are not kidding, lori!
some redefinitions are harder to come to terms with than others

mom said...

Beautiful blog to this generation that forget how much work little kiddies are and how unselfish you guys all are!!!!

Before grown up kids
Lots of work
After kids grow up
Watching your daughters become the most awesome mothers in the world....

denise said...


Shawna said...

LOVE IT! It's SOOO true! :)

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