Thursday, August 11, 2011


I think I am one of those parents.
You know, the ones who try to take every single opportunity to teach their kids something. I think it was ingrained in me from my mother.... I blame her. 

Today we were driving and the kids saw a bunch of people standing on the side of the road.

Isaac: What are all those people doing, mom?
Me: They are waiting for the bus.
Isaac: Why don't they just drive their car?
Me: Well, not everyone has a car (and wait for it) We should take time right now to thank God for blessing us with a car.
Isaac: Ok... Thanks God for blessing us... but why didn't you bless those people?


denise said...

wait a sec, I swear I just saw your blog black with a lightbulb. Am I wrong??

BTW I LOVE the underwater picture, so CUTE!!!

lori bunk said...

haha... you're fast! i tried a bunch of different things that didn't work. this will be sufficient for now.

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