Friday, March 12, 2010

there are too many smells!

I really don't think too much about smells... except when I'm pregnant. I can smell EVERYTHING and most of the time I don't find the smells very appealing. Smells are more powerful than I thought, and there are certain smells that jog my memory and no matter what the scenario, I always think back to the same thing.

When I smell the blue Teen Spirit Stick Gel I think of my trip to Uganda when I was 15. That's the deodorant I brought and since we were unable to shower for an entire month, I would reapply that deodorant all day long. It's amazing that every time I smell something even close to it, I am brought back immediately to the orphanage I stayed in and I start craving plantains.

Whenever I smell the original classic Chapstick (you know, the black tube with the pale pink inside) I can picture my dad kissing me good-bye for school in the morning. For some reason he always has his mustache.

The smell of "Woods" cologne from Abercrombie and Fitch makes me picture my 10th grade locker with my orange science book and I get butterflies thinking that Chris is going to come around the corner any minute.

The smell of burnt toast makes me think of my grandparents and waking up to them sipping their coffee at the kitchen table reading the newspaper. I always picture the red woodpecker feeder hanging outside the window as well.

It's SO weird! The bad part is that I have certain smells during pregnancy that don't sit well with me because of previous pregnancies... Jimmy Johns, coffee and cheese. But then there are smells I crave during pregnancy as well... gasoline, lumber and lime. I can't wait until smells aren't really on my mind anymore!

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