Saturday, March 6, 2010

pomp and circumstance... and a little birthday fun

Wednesday night we had Isaac's church graduation. He will be moving up to the 4-year old class this Sunday and his teachers and friends sent him off in style.
Isaac wasn't too thrilled with the graduation cap....
... but we really wanted to get a picture of him in it, so Chris tackled him.Then it was cupcakes and ice cream for 8 little kids right before bedtime. I'm glad I only had to take 1 of those kids home! Thank you Aunt Nina for making the delicious cupcakes for all the kids... and 4 for Chris.
On Thursday Zoey spent some time with Papa and Grandma and Isaac and I went out for a Date Day. It's amazing how much this little boy talks when there isn't a cute girl with dimples screaming in his ear. We had our birthday lunch at Red Robin, picked out all the stuff for his family birthday party (we are going with race cars... original, I know) and even spent some time at the library.


denise said...

so ADORABLE!!! Such a big boy :) Love the ice cream pictures.

Nina Bunk said...

score race cars are so much easier than a sound booth!!! thank you!

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