Wednesday, March 24, 2010

my new nephews

David Thomas Sheerer
6 lb 12 oz. and 18.5 inchesJonathan Edward Sheerer
7lb 1oz and 20 inches
Isaac has waited for this day for a long time. He skipped the whole way to the car because he knew we were going to see the babies. He cried the whole way home when we had to leave. He is definitely going to be ready for his own baby soon.
Zoey wanted to keep staring at the boys as she said "bebe! bebe!" I can't get enough of these handsome boys. Do you think they would notice if I just took one of them home with me?
Congratulations to Tommy, Keri and Alina. The boys are perfect!


denise said...

Congrats, Aunt Lori, (times 5 now, right?)!!! They are GORGEOUS! Yes, they will notice one missing. However, give them a week at home and I'm sure they'll let you borrow one (or even two) at night time :D What a blessing that they are SOOO healthy and full term! Additional blessings that they have YOU and family so close and willing to help out! Those boys are going to be smothered in LOVE! Congrats again.

Shawna said...

PRECIOUS! Tell Keri Congrats for me! special...2 healthy twin boys! They are SO blessed! :)

Life with Linda said...

in these pics...david looks like donnie and jonathan looks like me.

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