Monday, March 8, 2010

The Republic of Haiti... Rewind.

I had the wonderful opportunity to go to the country of Haiti 3 times when I was in Jr. High and High School. They were trips that definitely changed my life and gave me a love for missions. My parents just posted some old pics of our trips on their site, so I thought I would reminisce as well. Wow, does time fly! Pretty soon it's going to be Isaac's turn to go on his first mission trip!


Going to church.
Cutest kids in the world.
Rebecca and I doing a special dance for the kids.I wanted to take this girl home... I remember that like it was yesterday!

Passing out treats to the children after a week of VBS.
Doing VBSThe girls did a dance to "Jesus is Still Alright" by DC Talk. If I tried that back-bend now I would never get back up!He didn't know it yet, but I was so in love with this guy.
No one could throw a frisbee like him!Praying for the people of HaitiOur youth team doing our "Our Turn Now" human video.
The guys LOVED doing this!My man... before he was my man... fixing a guitar
The girls in Artise would love to do special hand-claps. We would do them everyday because you wouldn't need an interpreter to connect.
My dad and I in my favorite place in Haiti: City of Soleil
Yes, he is rocking his mustache.This is one of my favorite pictures of my sister Keri. She was so amazing with the kids over there... actually she is amazing with kids anywhere.
I remember my sister taking this picture because she wanted to show my mom I was being lazy.
Here Chris and I were using string and soap to make huge bubbles for the kids. They loved it.
It's so funny how I don't have many pictures from each trip... if I went now I would probably take over 1,000. The pictures I do have do remind me of incredible times, with incredible people.

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