Saturday, January 9, 2010

a sad tale

I randomly drove by a coffee bar yesterday that I have spent a lot of time at. When I first started in youth ministry there was a girl that just started coming to our church. She had a lot of questions and needed a lot of direction so we decided to meet every week. I would pick her up from school on Wednesdays, we would go to the coffee shop for 2 hours and then I would bring her to church. We would talk about God, I would help her with her homework, she would even bring friends from school to ask me questions about Christianity. When she was struggling at school I met with her school counselor to get her on track and she even spent the night at my house twice when her mom kicked her out. We did this for almost 2 years. Unfortunately, something happened and I couldn't agree with something she was involved with and she became offended with me and took off. I haven't been able to get a hold of her since. When I drove by the coffee bar for the first time in years, my eyes filled up with water. Where was my girl? Did she remember me? Did any of my mentoring in her life make a difference? I know the answer to 2 of the 3 questions, but that doesn't stop my heart from aching. It seems to be somewhat of a common story with my friends in ministry. Sometimes the people you pour the most into are the ones who break your heart the most. This incident, and several others, did not taint my view on the importance mentorship and relational ministry, but it has made me appreciate my mentors over the years and the time and effort they have spent on me. So to all those men and women who have given up time with their families and friends to pour into me.... thank you. It has not been in vain.

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Sue Pace said...

Mentoring and that relational ministry is so critical in young teenage lives!! I am for sure she never will forget all the ways you poured into her...because LOVE NEVER FAILS!! AMEN!!!

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