Monday, January 25, 2010

PJ Night

If you are a mom... especially one who has been in ministry... then you can probably relate to this post. I've realized that sometimes when life gets too busy, and there isn't much you can do about it, you just have to get creative with your family time. Tonight was one of those nights. Chris and I both had an overwhelming amount of work to do at the church, and instead of splitting it up and taking different nights to go and do it, we wanted to just take one night and leave the rest alone... that's how we came up with "PJ night at the church." The kids got in their PJs and we spent our family time at the church. Because I am a PK myself, I remember having some great times growing up and being at the church when no one was there. I'm hoping the same is true for my kids. I've learned not to get stressed out or allow myself to feel out of control, but instead, just get a little creative and allow my kids to just enjoy being together... wherever we are.
Any creative ways you have found time to spend with your family?

1 comment:

denise said...

sooo cute! I think Zoey looks so much like Isaac in that picture :)

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