Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Last Big Hoorah

Yesterday we took Jeni out for her last big hoorah before her wedding day. The day started with just the sisters and our mom... massage, pedicures and lots of coffee... with lots of laughs. We then met some of the bridesmaids for lunch, rock climbing and shopping. At night we sat by the fire and showed Jeni how much we love her. It was such a special day for such a special girl!
So... rock climbing is way harder then it looks. My arms were ON FIRE. I got pretty far, but my arms were like jelly! Such a great workout!
There was a lot of smack talk going on, so we decided to take it to the court. Big props to Sarah who dominated at Knock Out!
It was very dark during dinner so I didn't get many good pictures... but our little bachelorette looked amazing! We love you Jen and are so proud of you! Only 5 more days until you are going to live with a boy!!!

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