Monday, January 11, 2010

an Orange-Cinnamon kind of day!

I HATE throwing away food! Mostly because I remember spending money from my wallet to purchase it! I'm always excited when I can find something to do with food that is going to be wasted and couldn't wait to make my homemade orange-cinnamon potpourri with the oranges that were one day away from being thrown in the trash. I'm usually not a "potpourri" type girl, but my whole house smells amazing!

Homemade Orange-Cinnamon Potpourri
Cut oranges into semi-thin slices
Dab with paper towel to remove access liquid
Sprinkle on cinnamon
Bake right on oven rack for 1.5/2 hours @ 225 degrees.
Your whole house will smell like orange-cinnamon!
(I actually added some over-ripe apples as well)
Thank you Counting Coconuts for the fragrant idea!


Mari-Ann said...

Ooo good idea on using apples, too! :)

Julie Pannecouk said...

ohhh so you dont eat it? lol at first i was like mmm looks good prolly smells good then i seen how u baked it for an hour and a half and it is in a glass vase lol.

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