Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cuzin Nite... Old School Style

Tonight was Cuzin Nite... even though not all of us were able to make it. We decided to go Old School and hit up CJ Barrymores. (I don't think I had been there since high school!) I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!

We found a batting cage that wouldn't stop spewing out baseballs... all those years I gave Chris a hard time about softball being the same as baseball- I was very wrong!
I'm not one for excuses, but let me say for the record that I had the slowest go-kart in the history of go-karts!
The sign leading in to the bumper boats is very misleading. Instead of saying "you may get wet" it should read "you are going to have to wring out your clothes afterward because you are playing with your brothers!"I really believe that Tommy has missed his calling. Yes, he is good at ministry. Yes, he is good at soccer. But God has also given him a special talent for golf!Special thanks to Chris for staying home with our ill children so I could go out.
He is amazing!


Tommy's Devotional said...

funnest night in a long time!!!

Keri said...

I agree - sooooooo fun!!

nikki galas said...

omg we used to go here every year on the last day of school all through elementary school!!! And we were allowed to each bring a friend with us lol! Looks like fun I miss that place!!

Michael said...

Tommy golfing, makes me happy.

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