Tuesday, May 26, 2009

David Vence A Goliat

My parents just got back from Colombia and brought Isaac back a puzzle of David and Goliath. In predictable Isaac fashion, we had to rush inside to do it as soon as Papa and Grandma left. Once we finished, he wanted to know all about David and Goliath. I got his Bible out and we read the story. He had so many questions...
Why was Goliath so mean?
Why did David throw rocks at him?
Isn't it bad to throw rocks?
Did Goliath need a band aid?
Did David pray for him?
Did Jesus heal the giant?
Who knew that my toddler would be the person to stump this youth pastor??

1 comment:

One Thing... said...

I love that Isaac already has a huger and wonder about God's Word. Those are some great questions. I also love that he enjoys puzzles so much!!! I need a puzzle date with him!

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