Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What time is it?

I've come to the conclusion that moms do not have a need for clocks/watches of any kind. I can tell you the time of day, usually by the minute, by what's happening in my house and how my kids are acting. Like right now, I know it's between 5pm and 6pm because my son is hungry, he is in nothing but his underwear and there is a trail of toys from his bedroom to my kitchen. Zoey is semi-crabby, smells like poop and has chucked every single binkie I have given her. Nina and I have adopted a scripture that we text to each other randomly at 5pm.

Isaiah 40:29
He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.

Is 6pm too early to put my kids to bed for the night?
And why is the Wings game not until 10pm?


ninabunk said...

ha! i love you!!!!

One Thing... said...

Aww... sounds like you all need a vacation to Florida and a hug from Mickey and Pooh

scraps_n_stuff said...

now i have the pbs "what time is it" song stuck in my head, thanks. ;)

what time is it...
what time is it....
it's 3:00
except it's almost 11:00 and the wings are on!

April Maus said...

5 p.m. is absolutely the "witching" hour...the kids are always cranky...you're trying to decide what to make for dinner, and pick up the house all before hubby walks in the door...you have exactly 1 hour to get it all together!! Ahhh...I feel your pain!!

Jenny said...

thanks Lori...it was great meeting all of you too! I enjoyed my night minus 1 kiddo :)

I love this post....6:00PM Im counting down to bed over here (wishing I could make it myself to 9:30PM...although last night was more like musical beds all night..(kids!! Need I say more?)

Keri said...

What time is it?
It's our vacation
What time is it?
Party time
That's right, say it loud

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