Thursday, July 3, 2014

Water Soccer.

Sorry for the blurry pictures... still getting the hang of my new phone... need to change the settings!
 One of my favorite things in youth ministry is seeing my kids enjoying hanging out with the teenagers... even more fun is seeing the teenagers take time to hang out with my kids! I was always worried that working in youth ministry and having young children would make it difficult to balance everything going on in my life. I also worried that being around older kids would have a somewhat negative affect on my kids... but honestly, the opposite is true. I guess that is one of the best parts of having incredible teenagers in our youth ministry that love God passionately and love kids too. It has been a blessing!
We have been doing a FIFA World Cup theme in Legacy this month and have had fun soccer games after each service. Tonight was water soccer. My kids LOVED it! It was so much fun seeing them enjoying the water field with the other youth leader's kids and some of our amazing youth. Such a fun night! I think Isaac jumped the entire time out of pure excitement.

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