Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I have some really awesome new kids music. I have probably grabbed my phone over a dozen times to call you about them. You would LOVE these songs, Ms. Resource Queen! Today as I driving your kids to Summer Camp, I had one of my favorite songs on. I heard a cute little voice from the back say "Oh, I like this, what song is this?" I loved that I was able to tell little Jaimie Jr. about all my new finds. She was so interested. Then all the kids began dancing and singing "This is the day You've made, I'll rejoice and be glad in You." Even Zachary was putting his hands up in the air and yelling "I will praise" over and over for the entire last 5 minutes of the car ride. It was just what I needed today. Your beautiful kids reminding me that God is still worthy of praise... today.

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